Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Quadratic Formula Foldable

     I don't know about all of you but I am soooooo busy! With only 8 days of school I am up to my neck in work. I am going to be  up late tonight! UGH!

    In between all of my work, well when I was avoiding my papers, I did find some amazing sites for  Quadratic Formula that I wanted to share with you. First there is a free graphic organizer at teacherspayteachers, from The Secondary Classroom IS fun too. There is more to this graphic organizer so visit the site and download this freebie.

There is also a great foldable from Stat Teacher. I just didn't have time to make my own so this foldable was a great find. Thanks Stat Teacher! 

          Click here for the link to the foldable from Stat Teacher.

Next there is an awesome site that I am sure many of you know about called, Bug for Teachers. There  are activities, worksheets, graphing calculator pages, games, you name it, it's here on this site. You will absolutely love it and everything is free. How can it be any better than that?  There is a  foldable also comes with a power point lesson that walks the students through filling it in. It is an awesome site for quadratic formula resources, but there are many resources for other topics as well. Click here to go to the site, Bug for Teachers by Dr. Brown.

I will be back soon! I have so much to write and lots of reflecting to report from this year.  

Til next time (a little over 8 school days from today),

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