Monday, February 15, 2016

Algebra -Dimensional Analysis Foldable

     My algebra students always have difficulty solving dimensional analysis problems. We needed to practice a little more and have some step by step instructions so I created this dimensional analysis foldable. I liked my scientific notation foldable from a previous post so much that I used the exact same template. Why not? 

I really like this foldable template :) The only thing that would have made it better was if it were in color.

       The students who had difficulty reducing the numbers could use their calculator. I am always surprised that my students haven't learned to reduce before they multiply when working with fractions. Really?

I think next year I may add a couple more word problems.

      I was telling my daughter, who is a high school biology teacher, about how the kids were having difficulty with this topic and she shared a fun worksheet that the physics teachers at her school created. David Thorpe over at Nerd Island Studios has given me permission to share this as a Word Document and said, " I am totally OK with it becoming public so that people can modify it to their own needs without attribution." Thanks David! So have fun with this sheet.  Check out the guys website. They have lots of simulations, IPAD apps, and a quizevolved site where the computer generates the same type of problems with different numbers. Awesome.
     My kids loved it and it was a fun way to have them begin to practice dimensional analysis.
 I changed the name of the Island to our school name and the King to King Smithoni as our principal is Mr. Smith. They got a kick out of that.

Click here to see and download the entire document: 

 Conantuki Island - Dimensional Analysis worksheet

      This post is mostly pictures as I am trying to clear out my draft box in my blog. It is sad when you have more drafts then posts. So enjoy the pictures.

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Integer card game

     My collaborative math class is currently working through our integer unit. Many of the students are having difficulty comparing and ordering integers and at the last minute I decided we to put together a game to help them practice. I knew my wonderful math teachers had everything that I needed. Julie had created decks of cards that had all of the numbers from -100 to 100, that had been copied, laminated and cut. She had 8 decks and each deck was a different color. That's a lot of cards! She let me borrow them. 

     Gina had large dice that she purchased from Dollar Tree that she let me borrow as well. Perfect, that's exactly what I needed.

     Then I quickly made  directions on my Smartboard.

     When the kids came into class they were divided into groups with an odd number of students. One group had an even number. I told them we were going to play the game, "WAR." I was amazed that most of the kids didn't know this game. Really, I was shocked. So I explained it to them. 

Here are the rules:

 1. Pass out all of the cards in your pile. Everyone should have the same number of cards. If there are any extra cards place them in the center of the table. Your cards should be face down so you can't see them .

2. Roll the die. 

3. All at once everyone take your top card and turn it face up on the table. 

  • If you rolled a 1 or a two the person with the least number wins and gets all the cards on the table . 
  • If you rolled a 3 or a 4 the person with the highest number wins. 
  • If you rolled a 5 or 6 the person with the number in the middle wins. If they were in a group that had an even number of students, the person who had the number closest to zero wins. 

      I can't believe how much fun they had playing this game! I liked it when they rolled a 5 or 6 and had to place the numbers in order from least to greatest to find the number in the middle. It was fun to watch the light bulbs go off. Those moments when they make those connections make teaching so much fun.


 Integer Cards (Thank you Julie for letting me share this!)

Til next time ...
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