Sunday, December 28, 2014

Transformations Summative Assessment Project

My pre-algebra classes just finished their unit on transformations. They loved the graphing and finding something that 8th graders love to do right before winter break is worth its weight in gold! I found a mini-project that Pam at pperfectsquares shared on transformations. When I saw it, I knew I wanted to make it a summative assessment for my students. So I added a few things to Pam's mini-project and I think turned out to be a great assessment for my kids. Their homework the night before was to create the picture and write down the ordered pairs. I didn't tell them it was going to be part of their assessment so those that did their homework had a head start.

Picture Transformation Assessment

               Your summative assessment for transformations will be an in class project.

  • You will need to draw a pre-image of a picture that has 10 or more points. The pre-image should have detail to it and not just be a picture of a shape or letter like we did in class. 
  • Your pre-image should be completely inside one of the quadrants on the coordinate plane. It does not matter which quadrant you start in. It is your choice. Use your imagination when deciding on a picture and impress me!
  • Draw you pre-image and place points at all of the vertices. List the points and ordered pairs on the transformation summative activity chart.
  • Next you will accurately translate, reflect and rotate your image. You may do this in any order that you want. All points should be listed accurately with a title above it so I can determine if your transformations are correct.
  • Each image should have an arrow showing the direction that the image is moving,(remember we drew arrows), as well as color coding the image and ordered pairs.
  • You will have 2 days to complete this in class. (This actually took 3 1/2 days. We have 45 minute periods.) They will be left in class and passed back on day two. They may not leave the room. Remember to document all of the transformations and label the vertices correctly. Make sure to look at the rubric if you have questions.
   Here are some examples of their final products.
I love this one!

Very creative and neatly done.


This student worked so hard on her picture and getting her points exact. 
She wanted to give up and try an easier picture but I kept encouraging her. 
She did a great job and was so proud of herself!
As you can see, she went above and beyond the expected 10 points:D

Nicely done.

I like the color coding on this one.

   You know what this student was thinking about.

This is a great picture but this student did not list the transformation or show arrows to depict the movements. Still it is so pretty I had to show you.

I've included the documents for the lesson below. I'm not the greatest at writing rubrics so it isn't the best. Feel free to change it and send me a copy. If you do, that would be awesome.

Enjoy! This is the last post of this year. Where did 2014 go???
Til next year,

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Rotations interactive notebook page and a video link too.

          Right now my 8th grade pre-algebra classes are working through our unit on transformations. Rotations have proved to be a difficult concept for them to grasp so I started searching blogs looking for ideas. I was inspired by a table in a foldable that Nancy at geometry gems had on her site.  I knew I wanted to create that table for my students to place in their interactive notebooks as quick reference on how to graph rotations. We started with a pre-image in the first quadrant so they could easily discover the changes that occurred in the ordered pairs of the rotations. 

      Those of you who read my blog regularly know that the majority of my school is comprised of second language learners. I always try to give as many visuals as possible to help my students who struggle with vocabulary. We drew arrows to show the clockwise and counterclockwise movements. We also color coded the corresponding shapes and ordered pairs as well.

      We also wrote what it means to rotate 90, 180, 270 and 360 degrees. 

                                Click here for a copy of the rotations INB page tables.

     I was excited to find over 700 of these composition notebooks in a storage room that someone donated 3 years ago. My principal didn't know they were even there and I asked if the math department could have them and he said yes! We have brand new notebooks for all of our students. How cool is that!

     What is so nice about these notebooks is that the top is graph paper and the bottom is lined. Now I have to figure out how to use these. I am use to spirals and because I write large it is a challenge but I will work it out.

     I also wanted to share a video that my kids absolutely love. If you haven't seen Colin Dodd's videos you are in for a treat. I wish he was still teaching 8th grade. (Sigh) Here is a link to Colin Dodds on you tube to view his other videos too. Enjoy.

     I am excited about a project I am having the kids do next week. Can't wait to share it when they are finished. Pictures will be coming soon!

Til next time,


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