Saturday, May 03, 2014

Coolest math foldable review lesson for geometry I've ever seen!

     I have a confession to  make. I am just exhausted at this point in the year and do not have one ounce of creativity left in my body. So I browse the internet looking for lessons others have prepared that I can use. I am getting ready to teach volume but need to do some review on the parts and area of a circle first. Lo and behold, I ran across the coolest lesson for folding a circle. It's Henry Anker's, measurement with the Magic Circle.  Love, love, love this lesson. Henry has a PowerPoint for the kids to follow that shows the step by step process with questions for each slide. Making folds on a circle you create 10 geometric shapes. You also find the measurements, perimeter and area for them as well. This lesson has 40, yes 40 slides to it. I have to run through this one first myself a few times before I teach this to the kids. It will probably take my Pre-Algebra classes 2 full periods to complete the lesson. I really like the idea of the kids making the figures and discovering what shapes they have made. The kids will definitely be next to their partners for this one so they can help each other as we walk through the steps. I am going to have the students write the answers to the questions for each slide on paper or perhaps I can make a quick worksheet with the questions on it so they can just fill in the answers.

Click here for Henry Anker's, Magic Circle.

     I think Monday will be a good day to try this. Why not?

 I'll let you know how it goes. Wish me luck.

Til next time,


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