Friday, February 14, 2014

Student Reflections

     I know how important it is for me to reflect on my teaching.  I can change my instruction when I understand what worked well and what didn't. Students need to reflect on their learning as well. How often do I have them really critique their work? Something I have been using for several years are portfolio reflections. All students have a file folder in my classroom where we keep all the tests, quizzes, project grade sheets and homework assignments. After students receive their quarter grades we have a portfolio reflection day. I hand out the cover portfolio sheet for them to fill out. I read it out loud and have students fill it in.

We discuss as a class what the topics were that we covered last quarter.
This cover page is placed in their portfolio's for their parents/guardians to review.

    Next they cut out "tags" and pick tests, quizzes, projects or homework assignments that they attach the tag to. The tag needs to be filled in for all of the 10 tags. The tags include phrases such as, "I am most proud of this because ..., This was most difficult because..., I learned the most from this because...," and so on. The portfolios are taken home and the students need to review them with their parents/guardians. The parents need to tag an item and comment as well. I have found this to be a wonderful communication tool between home and school. It is also nice to have for parent-teacher-student conferences. I use them in student lead conferences as well. I do have to be a lunatic about getting all the folders back. The kids know if they don't bring them back it is a detention and a call to the parents so I usually get them all back.

Here is a copy of the Portfolio tags and cover sheet. The request to retest is from math = love, request to retest.   I didn't realize how much I would like retesting the students. It has been a great learning experience for the students.

I would love to hear from teachers as to what types of reflections you have your  students do in your classes. I am always looking  for new ideas.

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