Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pyhthagorean Triples Interactive Notebook page

     Does anyone else collect and save the scraps of colored paper that are left over from making foldables or am I the only crazy person who does this?  This is my scrap basket. Yikes! Looks like it's time to take out scraps to use for our interactive notebook.

My scraps basket. I just can't bear to throw away all these colors.
      We are going to make freehand,  (I just show them how to cut the shape under the Elmo), matchbook foldables for our Pythagorean Triple page in our interactive notebooks. If you don't want to make freehand matchbooks there is an unbelievable site at Home School Share that has a Lapbook template section that is amazing. Check it out, you'll love it.
     So, the last time I tried to have the kids make a foldable freehand, we had some very interesting results. It reminded me of the Bill Cosby Himself  bit where he keeps telling the kids, "come here, come here, come here, no come here!" I kept saying, "cut here, cut here, no cut here not there! UGH! " Finally my students just started making their own shapes and they turned out great. Here are some pictures of the pages my students made. The examples are from when we were working on combining like terms.

These shapes were much easier than the hexagon I was having them cut.

These were adorable.

When you open the foldable there is a list of like and unlike terms in each one.

     The Pythagorean Triples foldables are going to have specific dimensions to make it easier for the kids to make them. First they will need to find the 4 different colored scrap pieces of paper. They will draw rectangles 5 in. by 2.5 in. This shouldn't be hard for them to do.

Then have them fold the matchbook almost in half. Leave a small lip for the tab at the bottom.

This is a copy of the INB page. They list three numbers on the outside of the matchbook.

And on the inside they show their work to check to see if the numbers are Pythagorean Triples.

These are the matchbooks with completed examples.

My next post will include another page for Pythagorean Triples made from scraps of paper for the left side of their notebooks..

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  1. I love these! This is a foldable type I've never tried before. And, yes, I have a basket of scraps, too. I haven't used them for anything yet, though. Hmm... Now, you've got me thinking!


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