Friday, December 30, 2016

My favorite project - 3rd and last year

     This is the third year that my students have completed my Transformation Summative Assessment Project. See my previous posts Here, year one, and Here, year twofor examples, details and the rubric for this project. And yes, you read correctly,this is the last year I will be doing this project. It makes me sad 😓 because I have so much fun watching the students complete these. I am retiring at the end of the school year and I am happy that so many people have enjoyed and used this as an assessment with their students.
     This year the weather did not cooperate and we had a cold day off of school when the wind chill was -23°F. That means that we had one less day to work on the project. UGH! Many of these have errors on them but I wanted to show you some of the best ones from my three 8th grade Pre-Algebra classes. I think they did a great job considering the fact that they lost one day of class time to work on them.

Pizza was a popular picture this year. This is an awesome picture.

Love this penguin!

The shading on the Aliens is nice.
 On the translation I think this student translated and rotated all at once.

Love the colors.

We love minions:)

More pizza! Nicely done.

One of the criteria was to color code the points on the data sheet with the pictures on the graphs.
This student did it perfectly.

Good job on labeling the points.

Another nice one on the color coding. Love this one too:)

This student worked hard on getting the chin part (is that called a gobbler?) of the chicken correct. 

This is how I feel about this entire project.

    There isn't anything I would change about this project. By the time the students were finished they really understood all of the different transformations. I wanted to add something with dilation's but ran out of time. This was turned in the day before winter break so not an extra second was available.
    Wishing all of you a Happy New Year.
Til next time,

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