Sunday, November 01, 2015

Multiplication and Division of Scientific Notation Foldable

      Hi everyone, I'm back! I have never been away from my blog for this long and I've missed writing so much. My last post was on August 20th and I try to write at least every other week which obviously hasn't been happening. The reason I've been gone is because I have a new prep which includes a new computer program that I needed to learn. Well, I finally feel like I am getting a handle on everything so I now have a little time to blog. There are 57 posts in my drafts box and I have so much to share:) 
    My 8th grade Pre-Algebra classes are on an endless journey to learn everything they ever wanted to know about exponents. Right now we are learning how to solve multiplication and division problems written in Scientific Notation. I didn't have any luck finding foldables on this topic so I made my own. (I always like mine best anyway.) Here is the foldable I created for our Interactive Notebooks. 

This was actually put together at midnight the day before I taught this lesson so the left side could be changed next year. I do tend to procrastinate sometimes.

The foldable turned out to be the perfect size for our composition notebooks. Love it!

Don't let the division tab confuse you. It is the tab for the next section even though multiplication problems are written on this page. You can always cut it off because there is another division tab underneath. I became frustrated trying to get everything to line up so I just left the tab.

Sorry, there's a grammatical error here. It should say only the numbers are divided. 

Overall, I like how the foldable turned out. Hope you do too.

Click here to download the foldable:
Multiplying and Dividing with Scientific Notation Foldable

And I'll leave you with a link to Colin Dodds Scientific Notation Video. My kids absolutely love Colin Dodds. Enjoy.

Til next time,
Which will be soon I promise,


  1. It's good to see you back! I like how you show the "fix" when the answer is not in scientific notation. I'm stealing it! ;)

    1. Hi Mickie, I am so happy to be back. I will be blogging on a regular basis now no matter what. It is always so nice to hear from you.


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