Sunday, March 01, 2015

The evolution of an Interactive Notebook page for Graphing Systems of Equations

     February has been a crazy month. My hubby had a big birthday, so family and friends were in town and we were very busy. PARCC testing is right around the corner for my kiddos at school and I am trying to get them as prepared as possible. (This is another post that I do plan to write soon.) February just got away from me and I can't believe that I had only one post this month.
     I started pulling together ideas for my interactive notebook pages on graphing systems of equations, not thinking that this would be a big deal to make. Was I wrong. I just can't seem to get the page to fit and the foldables aren't lining up. So I thought I would let you see my evolution of this page.
     I decided to use a matchbook foldable instead of the flat organizers I've been using lately. Then I tried to put all the information on the page.

     The information just wouldn't fit on the page.

     This has all the information that I wanted on the page but it was too crowded for my liking, so I went back to the drawing board.

 Still too crowded. Wasted another piece of paper. UGH!

   What a mess!!!!

Maybe a different foldable will work. Which one to choose?

I can't get this foldable to line up correctly front to back. The lines are off. 

     I finally became so irritated with using up my pages in my notebook that I made a copy so I could make mistakes on the copies. If you would like to use these blank pages here is a copy of. 

     Tomorrow is another day. I was hoping to get this post finished in February but it has now turned into 1:30 am, March 1st, so I will try again tomorrow. Who knew one page of a notebook could make me so crazy.

Til next time, which will hopefully be tomorrow,

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