Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Slope interactive notebook pages

Here are some of the Interactive Notebook pages on slope that I have used with my Algebra students. I'm changing my foldables and notes to go along with our new notebooks so everything is smaller than before. It's killing me that on some of the pages I am covering up the graph paper with notes and not utilizing it for graphs. Also, our xerox machine cannot print on colored paper and I am having to live with boring white paper! UGH! That just means lots of colored pencils and markers are a must! All in all I think the notebooks are turning out great. 

This is going to be a post with lots of pictures of our interactive notebooks but not much commentary. Life is so busy there isn't much time to write. I will probably come back and edit this post later so I can add more comments because there is just so much to say but until then, enjoy the pictures.

I totally stole these from Sarah at math equals love. Go see Sarah's post where she has great pages she has used with her students. See what the inside of the slope dude foldable looks like. So easy to make. Doesn't everyone love Slope Dude? The students had to draw 3 postive slopes, 3 negative slopes, 3 slopes of zero and 3 undefined slopes for the top part of this page.

Another page from Sarah. I changed the red color to gray because it was too close to the purple and hard to tell apart.

I have changed many of my foldables into small graphic organizers 
to fit into our new notebooks. I really never heard the phrase, "slope triangles," before but I am seeing it in several posts and assessments so I added it to this page.

I should have said the x increases by the same value and
the y increases by the same value. My kids would think they
both have to be the same.

The left page x and y intercepts definitions are from Sarah again at math equals love. What would I do without Sarah????

I love having the graphs available at the top 
of the page but I it means shrinking my foldables. 
This one is basic but it turned out OK.

Inside of the intercept foldable.

The students picked 4 more sets of points to complete on the 2nd graph.

Here are some of the pages. I will download the rest soon. Promise:)
slope intercept form INB


  1. I LOVE your INB pages! Can you PLEASE add your point-slope notes? they are perfect!

    1. Hi Lynne,
      Thank you for letting me know that the point-slope form page was not posted. It is now on the site ready for you to use. Enjoy! If there is anything else you need let me know. Thanks for stopping by:)


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