Sunday, October 05, 2014

Distributive Property - another take on the combo meal idea

     Who doesn't love the combo meal that Sarah at math = love posted a while back to show the distributive property? If you haven't seen this go look at it now. It is fun. There are so many versions of this lesson on blogs and Pinterest and I love them all. Imagine how excited I was when I saw Jessie's worksheet on this at Mrs. Hester's classroom. Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for. The only changes I made to Jessie's sheet was to make an Smartnotebook file. I am fortunate enough to have a SmartBoard in my room and thought it would be fun to make a lesson with pictures of the hamburger, fries and soda so the kids could move the items to display what the meals contained and then write down the expression with the distributive property. Here is a picture of how it looks but the actual file is so much better.

You can have them use the distributive property on this slide or else you could use this for showing how to add like terms.

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         There are more pages as well as extras to add more combinations of meals. Hope you enjoy using this in your classrooms.
Download a copy of the files here:
You will need Smart Notebook 11 to view this file 
                  Combo meals distributive property SmartBoard notebook file
I've also included a power point for those of you who don't have SmartBoards.
                            Combo meals distributive property power point
       I can't wait to use this next week with my Pre-Algebra 2 classes. Thanks to Sarah and Jessie for your great ideas!
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