Sunday, September 21, 2014

A few more exponent Interactive Notebook pages

          Here is another quick post with an Interactive Notebook page on exponents. My students need lots of practice comparing and ordering numbers so I made this page for their INB's. I am stressing looking for patterns right now and I love problems 17-19 and 22-25. It took lots of wait time and allowing them to struggle but they discovered the pattern for how to find a two-digit perfect square without a calculator or just multiplying it out. What was great is that they then asked, " Does this rule work with 3 digit numbers?" I started to do the happy dance when they began to wonder and want to see if this was true or not. So they worked through the problem to find the answer to their question.

     This exponent unit is going to be long but worth the time. To have the students understand the magnitude of numbers, how they compare and how they show the same value in different ways is also part of my goal this year to improve the number sense of the students. See my post on Teaching number sense to my students.

       I originally made the page below an exit slip but then wanted to have them write an explanation of the steps so I just added it to the INB instead.

By the way this rule does not work for 3 digit numbers. Just thought I would put that down here in case some of you wanted to see if it worked on your own first. LOL.

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    1. Glad you like it. I love it when the kids discover patterns on their own. So much fun to watch. I enjoy reading your blog as well.Thanks for stopping by:)


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