Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Like terms/ unlike terms foldable

     Well I am in overdrive right now. My first day of school with students is Monday and I am scrambling to get things organized. The posts you are going to see in the next few days will be all over the place. The one below is an improvement on what I had the kids do last year on like and unlike terms. Sorry about the poor quality of the pictures, my battery was almost dead.

     Go here to see what I did last year with like terms.  The kids wanted to make their own shapes for the like terms and unlike terms and they turned out great. I wanted to add the section on combining like terms to the same page and then have a few practice questions for the students to do. I'm happy with how it turned out.

     Those of you who have read my blog for awhile know that I have students place their leftover colored paper in a basket. These foldables are made out of those scraps which makes me happy:) 

     The combining like terms foldable is from Sarah at everyone is a genius. I like the way that she has the students color code the different  like terms. It just gives an added visual for the students who need it. Sarah has so many good ideas on how to start your interactive notebook. If you haven't gone to her site go there now! You will be happy you did.

  Click here to get a copy of the like terms practice sheet.  I may decide to put this on white paper and have students color code the like terms. I do think some of them will still need the color coded visual.

     Well I'm off to try to do another foldable. I need to spruce up my square roots and cube root pages. 

Til next time,

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