Saturday, August 16, 2014

Free Foldable Templates

     It's the beginning of the new school year and I am trying to improve my Interactive Notebook from last year. Most of the time I create foldable templates myself which is very time consuming. Sometimes I have students make their foldables freehand without a template to cut, but that takes more time. I needed to save some time so I went to one of my favorite sites,, to see what templates I could find for free. ( I spend way too much money on my classroom so I always look for free items first.) Having a blog, I wanted to have templates that allowed for electronic downloads.   Most of the free templates did not allow that. Bummer! After searching for awhile, I found a few I that would allow this. The first five in the list can be used to share electronically. Of course, if I use these I will give credit to the person who created them. I thought that some of you would like to have a list of all the free templates I found as well so here they are! Have fun!

Free 6 door flap book foldable available from Miss Mathematics HS at

Free 8 door flap book foldable available from Miss Mathematics HS at

Free Magic foldable template from Coach Academics at This is the foldable that I used for my Unit 1 8th grade Pre-Algebra vocabulary. It is awesome!  You really have to incorporate this one somewhere in you Interactive Notebooks.
Free pentagon foldable from Amy Hendricks at

Free Mini books and foldable templates by  Luanne Angelo at

Blank template for various subjects by Inspiring teaching design at 

Here are some templates and examples in Spanish but these templates can be used for any language. There is a cool word wheel that I may use for vocabulary by Cuevas' corner at

A large variety of templates that are not just for vocabulary as stated in the title from English 10 Mother Hen at

     I hope you can use these for your interactive notebooks and that it saves you some time. Everyone have a great new school year!

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