Saturday, June 21, 2014

Vocabulary Unit 1 Pre Algebra

     This is going to be a very short post. I found this great foldable template called the magic foldable. It is on teacherspayteachers by Coach Academics.  Best of all it is free. I am always looking for different types of foldables and this one is great. When you make it a hidden middle area appears. I am going to use it for a vocabulary study guide for Unit 1 in my 8th grade Pre-Algebra classes. Stressing vocabulary is one of my goals for the upcoming school year. With so many 2nd language learners I want to spend much more time on this. If they don't understand the vocabulary, they can't do the work.

Front of the foldable

Back of the foldable.

This is the middle that appears when you put the foldable together. Fun!

     I am in love with foldables! They are such a wonderful tool for students to organize their work and help them to study. Just had to share this one. Told you this post would be short.

                                                         Til next time,


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