Friday, April 18, 2014

Pythagorean Triple Foldable Booklet

     I wanted to find some work for my students to do on Pythagorean Triples this year. In the past triples were two questions in the math book. I discovered there really isn't much out there especially for 8th grade. I knew that I wanted the kids to understand that you can multiply triples by a factor and another triple is the result. I also want them to know the slopes of a family of triples are equal. Reviewing perimeter and area seemed like a good idea. They never understand that if you double the sides of a figure that the area does not just double.So here is the booklet I created.

     When you cut this booklet, do not cut on the lines. I had a hard time getting the pages to line up perfectly. I don't know why. So I just made a large margin all the way around when I cut it out. It still turned out looking nice.

      I like to use graph paper and have students create graphs and tape them into their foldable. At the beginning of the year we have each student bring in a packet of graph paper to their math teacher. We keep the graph paper in the classroom and pass it out as needed. That way the kids don't have to carry it around or forget to bring it to class. I keep a bin on the back table and they can take what they need even if it is for another class. I always have plenty on hand to last the year. And as you know, I save the scraps to be used later.

Click here for a copy of the  Pythagorean triple booklet.

       Now here comes the funny part. I was trying to figure out how to print the pages, front and back to make the booklet. I spent a long time working to get the pages in the right order. Finally, I just gave up. The next day I was talking to Gina, the math teacher across the hall from me and a young techie. I told her my frustration with trying to get the booklet together. She told me that if you save the word document as a pdf, which I do, when you go to print there is a button that says booklet. What? Who knew? Oh my gosh, it just puts the pages in the correct order to make the booklet. (Don't judge me, I was clueless!) So anyway, if anyone out there doesn't know this, when you go to print the booklet, click on booklet. How simple is that?
     This turned out to be a wonderful lesson with the class. It did take two periods for us to assemble and fill in the booklet. It was a great review of several different topics as well. Hope you enjoy it.

                                                               Til next time,

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