Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A look at my classroom

     I always love looking at how teachers decorate and organize their classrooms. Now I am going to admit that there are areas of my room that I am not willing to show you right now. Like my desk. UGH! As much as I try everything gets piled on top. Yes I am a person with organized piles. Part of my problem is that I teach Pre Algebra first, then switch to Algebra, then back to Pre Algebra, then a teacher comes into my room for 2 periods and I move stuff, and then back to Algebra. As hard as I try I can't help but pile. Poor Ric comes into my room with his cart, (he is in different rooms all day), and he has a little section that I have clean for him. Anyway, I am trying to get my room organized but there are certain areas I have already that work well.

Assignment Area

      This is the assignment area of my room. There is a box with files for Algebra and Pre Algebra with a calendar above for each class. I write down what we do each day and if the students are absent or need extra sheets they can come to this area and get what they need. We also have calendars for each unit that the students receive and there is a folder on the bulletin board where they can get extras. This puts the responsibility on the students when they are absent or loose work. Next year I am thinking of having a blog for each of my classes as well.

Schedule Area

      I saw this somewhere on Pinterest and liked it so I made my side board an area where the objectives, vocabulary and schedule are listed for the day. What is up here is not complete. I usually have the Common Core Standard listed and vocabulary as well. I know that some people love chalkboards and I have 2 large ones in my room. I use to have the entire class go to the board but after a period there was nothing but chalk dust everywhere. And no, dust free chalk does not exist. There is always dust. The kids would put it on their hands and there would be hand prints on everyone's backs. Gotta love middleschoolers. I just quit using them and make bulletin boards out of them. Wish they were white boards.


     Who knew duct tape was such a decorating tool. This has held up for the entire year even with being washed every once in awhile. You can't see all of the posters above the chalkboard but they are from Sarah at math equals love. They are very inspiring. 

Displays of Student Work

      Here is my other large chalkboard on the opposite side of the room. I use it to display student work. There is a section for each class period and I change it often. Believe it or not middleschoolers love to see their work on display. My desks always start out in straight rows but we move them around every day. Because I share a room with another teacher I have to have them arranged this way for him. I so want to have tables! There are four in my room and I keep trying to get more. I am fortunate to have the largest math room and I am grateful for that. It allows me to have desks and a few tables. The kid friendly mathematical practices yellow posters above the chalkboard are from Sarah at Everybody is a geniusI love them!

       I'll try to take more pictures and post them soon. My goal is to clean my desk area and be able to take a picture of an unbelievably organized and workable area. LOL. One can always hope.

                                                                  Til next time,



  1. Thanks for the peek inside your classroom! I love your wall of student work. One of my goals for next year is displaying more student work.

    1. Thanks Sarah! I'm going to be changing the wall in the next week or so and plan on posting it when I do. It doesn't matter how old they are the kids love seeing their work displayed. Can't wait to see what you have on your walls next year. I'm sure it will be amazing.


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