Saturday, April 02, 2016

Graphing Systems of Inequalities Graphic Organizer

     I have had this graphic organizer for over two years in my draft box and have not shared it because I was going to write an awesome post but never got around to doing it. What can I say, it has been one crazy year! I know that many teachers are teaching inequalities this time of year so here is a graphic organizer I made which was inspired by Sarah at math equals love .
      My students loved her graphic organizer on graphing linear inequalities so much that I made one for graphing systems of inequalities. (Don't ask me why these words are in a blue font, they are not on my original post. UGH!)

      There are only two days left of my spring break and then I head back to school. I'm working on something I can't wait to share and am hoping to have it finished soon. 

I'm glad to have this out of the draft box even though this was a very short post. Enjoy.

Til next time,

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