Wednesday, January 07, 2015

More transformations interactive notebook pages

Happy New Year everyone! I started back to school on Monday with an in-service day that was our 3rd session of Kagan Structures training. (Another day and another post will fill you in on the details. All I can say is it is so worthwhile.) Today was the first day back with the kids and guess what? We have a snow, no really a cold day tomorrow with wind chills of -32 degrees F. Oh the fun of living in Chicagoland. Brrrr. I don't know how my friends up north do it. Hope that all of you are staying safe and warm.

Here are a few more pages that I haven't posted yet from the unit we just finished over transformations. I'm really in love with these composition notebooks that are 1/2 graph paper and 1/2 lined paper. So instead of foldables I will be doing pages utilizing the graph paper in the notebooks.    

I have these tables available to download at the end of the post. I did add the extra column on the files I have for you. 

Some of the students wanted to go back to the pre-image each time they did a new transformation. So we drew arrows from the previous ordered pairs to help them see what figure they were changing.

The students really loved doing their initials. What was great about it is they were all different and the copying was not an issue.

We didn't cover as much on dilations as I wanted because winter break started and it was the end of the semester. I will have to hit this a little more somehow before testing.

There was a post I read quite some time ago, sorry I don't remember who wrote it, about coloring with a purpose. Ever since I read that I try to make the colors that we use in our interactive notebooks be there for a specific reason, not to just make the pages look pretty. On these pages I coordinated the colors of the ordered pairs to the figures on the graphs. However, on this graph I mixed up the green and the pink colors. UGH.

Click here to download documents from this post.

Enjoy! Til next time,



  1. where did you get the notebooks?

    1. These were donated to our school. I only had them for one year. After that we used composition notebooks that had graph paper in them. You can buy these anywhere they sell school supplies. I pick them up when school supplies go on sale in the summer before school starts. They cost fifty cents a piece during the sales. In eighth grade we do so much graphing that it makes sense to use the graph paper notebooks. When I don't need graph paper I used foldables that covered the pages. Hope you enjoy using interactive notebooks as much as I did. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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